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The Skein Company aims at transforming companies to consistently deliver successful products. With experience in various industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, building technology etc., we can help you develop your teams and improve the output of your processes

Game-Changing Innovation

Game Changing Innovation

A leading ‘how to’ innovation workbook by Yoav Nir for anyone who wants to make successful products.


“Game-changing Innovation is an inspiring complement to running lean”

Ash Maurya

“For corporations/SMBs that are hardware/product oriented, the value of this book is immense”

Omar Mohout

Marketing Return on Investment

Marketing Return On Investment

Most companies struggle with 'Marketing Return on Investment'. Especially in B2B environments or where complex solutions are sold. This resulted in Marketing being perceived as a pure cost by the Executive team. But it doesn't have to be this way. Marketers who clearly show what they contribute to the top line, have their own seat at the executive meetings and help steer growth. With the 'Marketing Credit Model', Skein supports companies in proving to the CEO and sales teams, what the value is that marketing brings.

This White Paper shows you how.


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